Marty Guthrie started his career in Jewelry Repair in 1992. He attended Holland Jewelry Repair School
and after months of practicing under another jeweler, he began working in a family owned business.
Shortly after that he started doing contract repair for (3) jewelry stores.

A few years later he took a job with Service Merchandise as an in-store jeweler. Service Merchandise
made changes in their corporation and thought it a good idea to pull the jewelers out of the individual
stores and place them together in 13 difference Job Sites where 10 plus jewelers would be at each site.
Marty was promoted as manager of the Job Site in New Orleans where he managed 10 other jewelers.
His job there consisted of making sure all jewelry repairs sent to his shop was completed in a timely
manner, quality control and communicating with the retail stores on the progress of the repairs and
keeping them updated on any delayed jobs. He worked with the jewelers in his shop, taught them and
helped them improve their jewelry repair skills. It didn’t take long for Service Merchandise to notice
Marty’s supervisory skills, his jewelry repair skills and his ability to problem solve and show other
jewelers how to improve their skills. Service Merchandise promoted Marty to Corporate Job Site
manager and moved him to Nashville, TN. Not only did he manage the Job Site in Nashville, TN he also
managed all 13 Job Sites located around the United States from Nashville, TN!

Later he left Service Merchandise and began working for himself as a contract jeweler. He continued to
do business with Service Merchandise as a contract jeweler and several other jewelry stores. While in
Nashville, TN he worked as a contract jeweler for 12 jewelry stores.
Eventually Marty and his family moved to Biloxi, MS to be closer to family. There in Biloxi he continued
to do contract jewelry repair in Biloxi for serval jewelry stores and pawn shops. He later took a job as an
in-store jeweler in Dad’s Pawn Shop where he worked for 10 years while still doing contract jewelry

In 2011 Marty decided to open his own retail jewelry repair shop, Jeweler’s Bench, now located at 240
Eisenhower Drive Ste I-2, Biloxi, MS. Here he offers expert jewelry repair services, retails new and
previously owned jewelry, custom mounts and does diamond jewelry appraisal. He was also asked to
design and put together a trophy for Cruising the Coast. Even though the trophy would not be made of
silver or gold, this was an exciting challenge that he enjoyed being a part of.

Marty is now in addition to the above teaching jewelry repair to others interested in learning this skill.
His Jewelry repair school is located inside his shop at 240 Eisenhower Drive Ste I-2, Biloxi, MS. As a
teacher he’s able to not only teach basic jewelry repair but shares what he’s learned over the past 25
years, the art of jewelry repair. He works with his students on a one on one basis on a bench with a
daily schedule for one week. After completing a week with Marty, a jeweler will know how to refurbish
jewelry, size rings, solder and repair broken chains and set stones. An advance jewelry repair course is
also offer for those wanting to increase their knowledge of jewelry repair. Marty also makes himself
available for consulting with his students once they’ve completed one of his courses.

Marty has an outstanding reputation as a jeweler. Most of his business comes from word of mouth
from his repeated customers. He enjoys working on jewelry, watching his customer’s faces when
showing them their jewelry after being repaired or remounted. He’s made serval engagement rings,
some using heirloom diamonds and now he enjoys sharing the art of jewelry repair by teaching.